We have achieved great results by working with our clients individually, in groups and/or with their families. Our approach encourages relationships with parents, guardians, teachers, nannies, and other care professionals to facilitate the right support for our clients.

Counselling for All

We provide a safe, conducive, and confidential environment wherein our clients are comfortable to freely their thoughts and emotions without judgment or biases. We have bespoke solution-focused models, therapy specially developed for..

Employee Family Assisted Programme (EFAP)

We are in partnership with Praise Fowowe International to take off the burden of maintaining the mental wellness of employees and their immediate family by providing professional counseling, coaching and therapy services in the critical stress areas that can negatively affect their productivity at work.

Training and Facilitation

Every opportunity to engage, share and impact is special and important to us because we are passionate about helping people thrive at their full potential.

I am opened to being your host, co-host and/or guest on radio, television and of course, social media.

Mentorship & Coaching

We are committed to raising a mentally resilient generation; children, adolescents and youths with healthy mental strength that can thrive in any circumstance and overcome behavioral, emotional, cognitive & other life challenges.

Mentorship and Coaching will cover enhancing academic and career guidance, morals and values, life and social skills.

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Let us work together to build your mental strength to overcome everything that may suppress or threaten your mental wellness now and in future.

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