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We are a team of trained and highly skilled Professional Family Life Practitioners & Mental Health Counsellors.

We provide bespoke support for couples, parents, children, network of schools, care givers and child-care professionals. 

We support families going through challenges resulting from marital conflicts, children’s misbehaviors, parenting, family rifts. We also provide support for every member of the family to prevent and care for various mental health challenges.


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...the long-awaited solution

Established in 2021, we set out to raise a banner against the alarming rates of mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges amongst children and youth (home and abroad) which we found to be caused mainly by but not limited to marital conflicts between their parents, parenting styles, peer pressure, lack of mental resilience.

We have realized very quickly we are a solution to the enormous gap in family life support; the reception has been awe-inspiring.

Why Choose Us?

At Trusted Support, we are family-centered, because we believe the best place for a child to grow and thrive is a safe, secured, and loving space.

At Trusted Support, children do not only stand a chance to build the mental strength needed to overcome any threats to their mental wellness now and in future, but caregivers are also empowered to give the relevant support.
We thrive on our core values: Integrity, Confidentiality, Compassion, Objectivity, Passion, Respect, Empathy & Trust (I-CCOPRET)
give the relevant support to others.

Our Vision

To help improve the mental well-being and happiness of our clients and wholesomeness of families.

Our Mission

To ethically provide effective and affordable counselling and therapeutic services to our clients in a confidential and safe environment as well as empower everyone to build wholesome & functional families.

Our Objectives

  • To help children and adolescents become self-aware to better understand their inner world and the triggers of their emotions and thoughts.
  • To empower children and adolescents to develop healthy ways of interpreting and expressing their emotions and thoughts.
  • To help children and adolescents develop healthy habits, positive lifestyle, wellbeing tools and skills to enhance healthy relationships with their peers, families,
    and the society.
  • To use age-appropriate and client-centered models to guide each child or adolescent to identify, understand and discover solutions to their mental health
  • To equip and empower parents and care givers to better support children in raising wholesome children.
  • To help every member of the family gain mastery to build thriving and loving family not just for their benefit but the society at large.

We Get Amazing Results

Our testimonials are awe-mazing. Our results speak for us. Every client who gets supported and helped by Trusted Support always returns with testimonies.

High Quality Team

We only work with highly experienced and capable partners who share our values.

Person-centered Approach

Every client is unique. We tailor all approaches and treatments to suit your unique realities and needs.​

100% Confidentiality

We take confidentiality and your privacy as prime.

Amazing Results

Our results speak for us. Every client who gets help from Trusted Support always return with testimonies.

Meet Our Lead Therapist

Oluwaseun Osikoya

Certified Practitioner of Family System Engineering & Child, Adolescent and Youth Counselor.

Oluwaseun Osikoya is an Economics graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University and a Chartered Accountant.

She is also an Alumni of Lagos Business School where she completed her Executive MBA.

She has over 20 years working experience in the corporate environment.

She is a Certified Family Life Practitioner and a Certified Child, Adolescent, and Youth Counsellor.

Oluwaseun is passionate about the wellbeing of families with her focus on children.

She is also passionate about Nigeria and the wellbeing of the society which starts from the smallest unit, the family. She is married with two boys. 

Her mantra is “Face Your Fears”. 

Her core values are THHRIE: 

  • Truthfulness
  • Honesty
  • Happiness
  • Respect
  • Integrity and Empathy.
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Let us work together to build your mental strength to overcome everything that may suppress or threaten your mental wellness now and in future.

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