We provide a safe, conducive, and confidential environment wherein our clients are comfortable to freely their thoughts and emotions without judgment or biases. We have bespoke solution-focused models, therapy specially developed for

Child, Adolescent & Youth

Behavioural, Emotional & Mental Therapy

We support and empower children to identify, understand, navigate and resolve conflicting thoughts, emotions, behaviours and social difficulties such as poor self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, depression, child abuse, trauma, poor school performance, sexual exposure, oppositional defiant disorder, stealing, drug abuse, internet addictions, unhealthy sexual behaviours, identity crisis, negative social influence, career and academic problems, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, suicide among many others.

Family & Marriage Counselling

Family is everything.

The quality of family determines the quality of individuals from the family which in turns determines the quality of the society. Family members are assisted to develop effective framework and structure to deal with family crisis and dysfunctionalities that may inhibit the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral well-being of all members especially the children and adolescents while promoting healthy family interaction.

We help intending and married couples gain understanding of how to build and maintain functional families, resolve family conflicts, establish efficient family systems while nurturing or preparing to nurture mentally healthy children and blissful homes.

  • MADE FIT – Premarital Counselling/Coaching
  • THRIVING COUPLES – General Marriage counselling
  • RESTORA-BLISS – Post Marital Counselling (Conflict resolution and marital check)


Clarity and Personal Evolution for Individuals

Many individuals need clarity on who they are. Self-Identity and awareness are essential for self-actualization and fulfilment.

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