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Children are at their best in thriving and happy families. Our goal therefore is to support families wherein couples (parents) and children are empowered to thrive and be happier as individuals and as a family, impacting and influencing their immediate world.

We are a team of trained & highly skilled professional family life practitioners and mental health counsellors.

We are a team of trained and highly skilled Professional Family Life Practitioners who provide bespoke support for couples, parents, children, network of schools, care givers and child-care professionals. We are also mental health counsellors.

We support families going through challenges resulting from marital conflicts, children’s misbehaviors, parenting, family rifts. We also provide support for every member of the family to prevent and care for various mental health challenges.

What we offer

We support the wellbeing of every member of the family, especially that of children because we know that family is the most important nation on earth. Family is the bedrock of community and society. There are many challenges parents and families are facing these days which trickle down to the children who are our generation next.

We support every child to achieve happy and thriving lives by building their mental strength and resilience which will not only help them when young but also at adulthood.
We also help all our clients find clarity and a good perspective to concerns and challenges they may have. We also assist our clients develop self-awareness and skills to enable them to thrive in environments and circumstances life presents.


We provide a safe, conducive, and confidential environment wherein our clients are comfortable to freely their thoughts and emotions without judgment or biases. We have bespoke solution-focused models, therapy specially developed for

Mentorship & Coaching

We are committed to raising a mentally resilient generation; children, adolescents and youths with healthy mental strength that can thrive in any circumstance and overcome behavioral, emotional, cognitive & other life challenges.

Mentorship and Coaching will cover enhancing academic and career guidance, morals and values, life and social skills

Training and Facilitation

We participate at conferences and workshops. We speak and facilitate at meetings for groups, organizations, societies, associations, and religious bodies.  

Every opportunity to engage, share and impact is special and important to us because we are passionate about helping people thrive at their full potential.

I am opened to being your host, co-host and/or guest on radio, television and of course, social media.

Employee Family Assisted Programme (EFAP)

This is open and ideal for levels of organisations and corporate bodies.

We are in partnership with Praise Fowowe International to take off the burden of maintaining the mental wellness of employees and their immediate family by providing professional counseling, coaching and therapy services in the critical stress areas that can negatively affect their productivity at work.

Help is here for all


(0 - 12)


(13 - 24)


Pre and post mariage


Pre and post mariage

Why Choose Us

We are passionate about helping you stay mentally well, build mental strength and build a better world. We thrive on our core values: Integrity, Confindentiality, Compassion, Objectivity, Passion, Respect, Empathy & Trust — ICCOPRET.

Qualified Team

We only work with highly experienced and capable partners who share our values.

Person-centered Approach

Every client is unique. We tailor all approaches and treatments to suit your unique realities and needs.

100% Confidentiality

We take confidentiality and your privacy as prime.

Amazing Results

Our results speak for us. Every client who gets help from Trusted Support always return with testimonies.

Positive feedbacks from our Clients

Join hundreds of clients who have benefitted from our therapeutic intervention

Mr. & Mrs gbade

Thank you so much Mrs. Osikoya for the tremendous help our son got through your counseling. He has changed a lot and everyone including his teachers wouldn’t stop asking what we did to help him and how we did it. We don’t know what you said to him but we are sure to recommend Trusted Support Counseling to everyone.


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Let us work together to build your mental strength to overcome everything that may suppress or threaten your mental wellness now and in future.

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